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CPA Services for Veterinarians & Animal Vet Clinics

Unleash the Potential of Your Veterinary Business with Expert Financial Assistance from Tushaus & Associates.

As a veterinary professional, your time is precious and limited. It is impossible to give the quality services you want to give your clients, manage an office full of employees, plus make sure all the finances are in perfect order. You need CPA assistance, and Tushaus & Associates has the qualifications and expertise to help. 

Running your  business is more than a full-time job if you are a veterinarian or surgeon. Balancing your workload with employees, clients, and bookkeeping can be difficult. With over 20 years of experience as CPAs and accountants, Tauhaus & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in managing the financial aspects of your practice.

At Tushaus, we provide all CPA services for veterinary businesses, including consulting, tax planning, succession planning, retirement planning, practice valuation services, financial services, and more.


CPAs for Veterinary Practices

We help veterinary practice owners automate and integrate their financial operations, allowing them to focus on the business of caring for pets.

We are committed to assisting veterinarians, and veterinary clinics to become more profitable, efficient, and better managed. Our expert team of veterinary business consultants have years of experience helping veterinarians with financial solutions to your goals.

We provide customizable and actionable solutions that help improve profitability, increase hospital value, and achieve goals.

From Tax Planning to Practice Valuation: Discover the comprehensive financial solutions We offer your veterinary business!

Taushaus offers financial consulting for your vet practice, employees, and life. We can help you with tax planning, succession planning, retirement planning, and more. In addition to these services, we’ll provide financial services and form a long-term relationship with you to expand your veterinary clinic in the future.

Financial business planning is the cornerstone of veterinary practice management, particularly for business owners. It can help you identify areas in need of improvement, calculate costs, develop budgets, create projections for cash flow based on those budgets; and evaluate financial statements. 

These statements include balance sheets and income statements against benchmarks like industry averages (or other businesses similar to yours) so that you know exactly how well or poorly things are going relative to others’ performance over time–and what needs changing if something isn’t working out as expected!


Accounting and bookkeeping:  Our financial experts organize the veterinary practice’s financial paperwork and financial activities. We can help you with a range of accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This can help you stay organized and ensure your finances are in order.

Tax planning and preparation:      We will help your veterinary practice with tax planning and preparation. It is important that we help to identify tax-saving opportunities and ensure that it complies with all applicable tax laws and regulations.

Financial analysis and reporting: Our financial report can help your practice identify improvement areas and make informed financial decisions. Our experts provide recommendations that can improve financial performance. We’ll also discuss in detail how to achieve the goals you’ve set so your practice is always on track.

Business consulting: Let us help your practice develop strategies for growth and expansion, improve operational efficiency, and manage risk.

Tushaus & Associates offer the most comprehensive and qualified CPA services for veterinary clinics, practices, and doctors.

We will help you stay #1 in your industry by providing the highest quality financial and preparation services. Our tax preparation services, bookkeeping, and financial advisory products keep you ahead of your competition while maximizing profits, maintaining a successful practice, and providing excellent service to your clients.

At Tushaus & Associates, we strive to make the entire process of accounting, taxes and financial planning as straightforward as possible. Our CPA’s are highly experienced professionals with knowledge of both small business and large corporations. We offer a New Client Discount to help defray some of your initial costs and we are dedicated to providing you with detailed, clear information as part of our service to you.


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