Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services

quickbooks bookkeepers near meBoth owners of small and large businesses are familiar with the business accounting program QuickBooks bookkeeping. It is a comprehensive solution in terms of functions, allowing users to connect with other users on the same computer and share files online.

Make sure the accounting software you choose will operate with the kind of business you have. Your decision for accounting software will depend on the needs and size of your business.

Your previous data is kept online rather than locally on your computer because QuickBooks bookkeeping is billed as a cloud-based solution. 


What Does A QuickBooks Bookkeeper Do?

The systematic recording and classification of a company’s financial transactions are known as bookkeeping. It is claimed to be the foundation of accounting, even though accounting falls under the giant umbrella of finance. 

Keeping an accurate record of a business’s financial transactions is the fundamental purpose of bookkeeping. Companies use this data to make important investment decisions. 

The bookkeeper keeps track of the books. For a business, accurate bookkeeping is essential since it provides accurate data on how well a firm is performing.

The following steps make up the bookkeeping process: 

  • A financial transaction’s identification 
  • Recording a monetary exchange 
  • Making a ledger account ready 
  • Setting up the trial balance


These are bookkeeping’s primary goals: 

  1. Entering financial transactions into QuickBooks bookkeeping in an organized or systematic manner is bookkeeping’s main goal. 
  2. To provide a chronological summary of the transactions. 
  3. To give both internal and external users access to financial data that will be useful for establishing future plans. 
  4. To find probable mistakes in data recording.


Our QuickBooks Bookkeeping Service

Due to the significant overhead costs associated with establishing an internal accounting team, many small and medium-sized businesses choose Tushaus and Associates LLC. 

For businesses, we provide certified public accounting and consulting services. 

  • Establish a system for processing vendor invoices; 
  • Manage customer invoices; 
  • Record credit card transactions; 
  • Manage inventory and monthly expenses; 
  • Use bookkeeping and tax depreciation software. 

Our team will prepare and submit your business’s federal and state tax returns.

Personal Tax Return: Both your federal and state individual tax returns will be prepared and filed by our team. 

Weekly or monthly bookkeeping: Our team will take care of routine bookkeeping to ensure that your records are correct and current. 

Financial Statements: For you to observe how your company is doing and to help with planning, our team will create financial statements for your company.

Tax Planning: We will examine your unique situation and work with you to put plans into place to reduce your annual tax obligation. 

Computation of Your Quarterly Estimated Taxes: We will handle the computation of your quarterly estimated taxes. 

QuickBooks Online Account: To make your records in real-time, we will set up your business on a cloud accounting platform. As experts in moving books to the cloud, Tushaus & Associates is certified in QuickBooks online. We provide QuickBooks bookkeeping training and assistance.

Services for QuickBooks Accounting: Preparing Trial Balance, Managing Ledgers, Updating the Book of Accounts, Producing Bank Reconciliation Statements, and Creating Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Balance Sheets. 


Why Choose Our QuickBooks Bookkeeper 

Our accountants have experience in various fields, including manufacturing, non-profits, and auto dealerships. Due to the active participation of all of our CPAs in the Wisconsin CPA Society and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Tushaus and Associates LLC can stay abreast of accounting and auditing topics. 

Support: Our goal is to develop lasting connections with clients, and we do this by offering unrestricted support. 

For businesses, we provide certified public accounting and consulting services. These services are offered to a broad clientele and have a notable presence in the following regions: 

  • Vehicle Dealerships 
  • Manufacturers Choice Schools 
  • Nonprofit Institutions 
  • Retail and Wholesale Services 

Get In Touch With Our QuickBooks Bookkeepers

We are a top-tier provider of QuickBooks services, offering a full selection of accounting solutions, including QuickBooks consulting.

Since QuickBooks bookkeeping is arguably the most widely used accounting program by small businesses, we can assist you with anything related. You can start using QuickBooks outsourcing right now with the assistance of our qualified professionals. Book a consultation today to learn more.