Financial services for automotive dealerships of all sizes, in all markets

You deserve financial advisors that understand the complexities of your industry and the unique aspects of your automotive dealership. Whether you have one lot or dozens, whether you are a small family business, independent dealers or a large corporate group, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide not only financial services, but proactive solutions as well.

Automotive accounting services are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of businesses operating in the automotive industry. The automotive sector encompasses a wide range of businesses, including dealerships, manufacturers, suppliers, repair shops, and more. Effective accounting in this industry requires an understanding of industry-specific regulations, inventory management, sales and service revenue recognition, and other unique financial aspects. Allowing Tushaus and Associates LLC be the one to help your automotive business run their finances efficiently, will help increase overall productivity.

Tushaus and Associates LLC has been working with an automotive dealership since 1958, and three generations later they have continued to trust us as their CPA and business consultant. We are proud of our decades-long relationships with our customers, as they are testaments to our commitment to building trust and mutually beneficial affiliations. Contact Tushaus and Associates today to become one of our automotive dealership clients.

Automotive Financial Services

Automotive dealerships can also benefit the different services provided.