Financial services for Non-Profit Organizations so they can make a difference​

We appreciate all the wonderful work that non-profits do, so we have spent years building up the experience and expertise needed to navigate the unique financial landscape they work in. Tushaus and Associates LLC is always researching industry trends and best practices so that we can provide reliable and effective financial services to non-profit organizations, enabling them to do more with what they have.

Accounting services for non-profit organizations involves unique principles and considerations. Non-profits focus on achieving their mission rather than generating profits for shareholders. Engaging with experienced professional accountants such as Tushaus and Associates LLC, in non-profit accounting and financial services is important to ensure compliance with regulations and the effective management of financial resources. The accountants at Tushaus and Associates LLC will bring expert value to non-profit organizations in terms of financial management, accountability, and supporting the organization’s mission-driven initiatives.

At Tushaus and Associates LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to build trust and long-term relationships with our clients. Whether you’re a small operation with a shoestring budget or a massive organization with millions of dollars in your care, we’ll provide your non-profit with the financial services you need to free up valuable funding and time. Let us help you so you can help others more effectively. Contact Tushaus and Associates today for more information that will help you and your non-profit reach their goals in making a difference.


Non-Profit Organizations can benefit from various financial services and more.