Veterinary Clinics

CPA Services for Veterinarians & Veterinary Clinics

Unleash the Potential of Your Veterinary Business with Expert Financial Assistance.

For Veterinary Clinics, time is precious and limited. It is impossible to give the quality services you want to give your clients, manage an office full of employees, plus make sure all the finances are in perfect order. You need CPA assistance, and Tushaus and Associates LLC has the qualifications and expertise to help your veterinary clinic. 

Running your business is more than a full-time job if you are a veterinarian. Balancing your workload with employees, clients, and bookkeeping can be difficult. With over 20 years of experience as CPAs and accountants, Tushaus and Associates LLC has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in managing the financial aspects of your practice.

At Tushaus, we provide all CPA services for veterinary clinics, including consulting, tax planning, succession planning, retirement planning, financial services, and more.


How We Can Help Elevate Your Veterinary Practice

The dynamic practice of veterinary demands a keen understanding of financial management to ensure the success and sustainability of your practice. At Tushaus and Associates LLC, we understand the unique financial hurdles faced by pet hospitals. Our experienced animal clinic financial administrators are equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and prowess in veterinary operation financials. We dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your financial goals and navigate the complexities of veterinary practice accounting.

Tailored Solutions for Veterinary Practices

Tushaus and Associates LLC recognizes that all veterinary clinics have unique challenges and opportunities. Our team of veterinary accounting specialists takes a personalized approach, carefully evaluating your business’s specific needs and developing tailored solutions that align with your practice’s goals and aspirations.

Partnering for Success

We are passionate about helping veterinary practices achieve financial goals. Our team of experienced animal care financial management is committed to providing you with the highest quality accounting services, advice, and guidance to support your practice’s growth and sustainability. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you elevate success for your veterinary clinic to new heights.


Accounting and bookkeeping:  Our financial experts organize the veterinary practice’s financial paperwork and financial activities. We can help you with a range of accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This can help you stay organized and ensure your finances are in order.

Tax planning and preparation:      We will help your veterinary practice with tax planning and preparation. It is important that we help to identify tax-saving opportunities and ensure that it complies with all applicable tax laws and regulations.

Financial analysis and reporting: Our financial report can help your practice identify improvement areas and make informed financial decisions. Our experts provide recommendations that can improve financial performance. We’ll also discuss in detail how to achieve the goals you’ve set so your practice is always on track.

Business consulting: Let us help your practice develop strategies for growth and expansion, improve operational efficiency, and manage risk.