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Bookkeeping is the practice of entering your company’s financial transactions into organized accounts daily. Bookkeeping is a crucial component of your accounting process. 

Accurate accounting records are necessary for a business to be sustainable, which makes bookkeeping critical. A company’s cash flow, ability to pay debts, and investment planning may all be managed with the aid of accurate bookkeeping. 

we are here to ensure that your business runs smoothly, and your records are kept correctly. 

Bookkeeping Services List

● Business Accounting

Business accounting is the systematic recording, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of financial data. Tushaus and Associates LLC will assist you by analyzing and interpreting your business finances which will enable you to make better decisions. 

● Reviews & Compilations

Accountants can play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy of financial information and identifying any flaws or opportunities for improvement through reviews & compilations. Tushaus and Associates LLC’s knowledge and attention to detail can provide significant insights and assist you in making sound financial decisions. 

● Tax Preparations

Accountants provide significant assistance and direction in tax preparation, assisting individuals and businesses to minimize their tax bills, comply with tax rules and regulations, and make informed financial decisions. 

Tushaus and Associates LLC is dedicated to assisting clients in complying with tax laws and regulations while minimizing their tax liabilities. A variety of tax-related services, such as tax planning, compliance, and tax return preparation, can be offered by our team of skilled accountants. 

● Advisory services

To help their clients make wise financial decisions and streamline their financial procedures, bookkeeping companies often offer essential advising services. Tushaus and Associates LLC can assist their clients in meeting their financial objectives by helping them save time and money by providing services such as

o Business consulting 

o Business entity selection 

o Tax, estate, and succession planning 

o Budgets and departmental reporting 

o Accounting software selection and configuration 

o QuickBooks support and training 

o Compilation of projected or forecasted financial statements 

o Application for federal and state employer identification numbers 

● Controller services

Tushaus and Associates LLC controller services can benefit your organization by boosting financial management and decision-making while also assuring compliance with current financial rules. These services can assist your company in optimizing financial performance, reducing risk, and achieving long-term objectives. 

Bookkeeping Services For Small Businesses 

Bookkeeping services are critical for small businesses to ensure effective financial management and compliance with applicable rules. Small business bookkeeping services primarily entail the recording and tracking of financial activities such as sales, purchases, and costs. 

Invoicing, bank reconciliations, payroll processing, and financial statement preparation are all examples of bookkeeping services. Small businesses can focus on their main activities while their finances are accurately handled and managed by outsourcing bookkeeping services, such as Tushaus and Associates LLC. This can assist small firms in making sound financial decisions while avoiding costly errors and non-compliance issues. 

Overall, accounting services are an important aspect of managing a small business’s financial health. Small businesses can focus on growth and profitability while ensuring that their finances are properly managed and in compliance with applicable regulations by outsourcing these services to a professional. 

Bookkeeping For Non-profits 

Bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations are critical to ensuring financial stability, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Non-profits have distinct financial requirements and issues that necessitate specialist knowledge. Non-profit bookkeeping services include recording contributions, managing grants, and funding sources, creating financial reports, and assuring accounting standards compliance. 

Non-profit organizations frequently rely on donations, grants, and other forms of income to operate. Bookkeeping services can assist in tracking various sources of revenue and expenses, ensuring that they are documented and reported correctly for tax purposes. Furthermore, bookkeeping services can assist non-profits in allocating spending among various programs and departments. 

Tushaus and Associates LLC has vast expertise in providing specialized accounting and bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations, assuring regulatory compliance and financial transparency. We provide the following services to non-profit organizations: 

● Fiscal audits 

● Compliance audits 

● Agreed upon procedures 

● Review and implementation of financial practices and internal controls

● Financial statement preparation and analysis 

● Monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting services 

● Filing of year-end information returns 

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Tushaus and Associates LLC’s primary goal is to assist businesses and organizations in maintaining accurate financial records, compliance with regulations, and making informed financial decisions based on their financial data. 

We seek to give our clients high-quality financial services such as bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and financial reporting. We assist our clients by managing their finances more efficiently, saving time and money, and ultimately enhancing their bottom line by providing these services. 

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