Outsourced Accounting Services

accounting services outsourcedThe practice of employing an external accounting firm or professional to manage a company’s accounting and financial operations is referred to as outsourced accounting. Bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax preparation, financial reporting, and other related services may be included.

Accounting services can be outsourced for a variety of reasons, including cost savings, better accuracy and efficiency, access to specialized expertise, and the freedom to focus on core business activities.  

A company normally enters into a contractual agreement with an outsourced accounting provider specifying the extent of services to be delivered, the rates and billing structure, and any other applicable terms and conditions. The outsourced provider then assumes the agreed-upon accounting functions and collaborates closely with the company to ensure the company’s financial demands are met. 


Outsourced Accounting For Startups

Outsourced accounting can be a significant resource for startups, allowing them to focus on growing their business while experts handle the financials. Startups often begin working with an outsourced accounting firm by establishing their accounting objectives and goals, as well as any special issues or concerns they may have. 

The outsourced provider can then create a tailored strategy to suit the startup’s specific needs, such as establishing accounting systems and processes, managing accounts payable and receivable, creating financial statements, and handling tax filings. 

Startups can often gain access to specialized skills and knowledge that are not available in-house by leveraging the expertise of outsourced accounting specialists. Outsourcing can also save money when compared to hiring and training full-time accounting employees, which is especially beneficial for smaller businesses with limited resources. Overall, outsourced accounting may assist companies in managing financial risks, optimizing cash flow, and making informed decisions based on precise financial data, allowing them to develop and prosper over time. 


Outsourced Accounting Services We Offer 

Tushaus & Associates is a full-service accounting firm that offers businesses of all kinds a variety of outsourced accounting services. These services are intended to assist businesses in more successfully managing their finances, saving time and money, and making educated decisions based on reliable financial data. Tushaus & Associates provide the following outsourced accounting services.

1. Credit Card Transactions Recording: Tushaus & Associates can correctly and efficiently record credit card transactions, ensuring that all expenses are fully accounted for. 

2. Inventory And Monthly Expense Management: Tushaus & Associates can assist organizations with managing inventory and monthly spending, such as tracking purchases, managing vendor relationships, and estimating future expenses.

3. Book And Tax Depreciation Programs: Tushaus & Associates help set up and maintain book and tax depreciation programs, ensuring that businesses track their assets accurately and take advantage of possible tax benefits. 

Tushaus & Associates outsourced accounting services are intended to assist businesses in saving time and money, improving accuracy and efficiency, and making educated decisions based on reliable financial data. Tushaus & Associates is a trusted partner for businesses wishing to outsource their accounting services, with a team of experienced professionals and a   commitment to providing individualized service.  


Our Outsourced Accounting Benefits  

There are various advantages to outsourcing accounting services to Tushaus & Associates. Here are some of the primary benefits: 

 1. Expertise: Tushaus & Associates have a staff of highly qualified accounting professionals who are well-versed in accounting best practices, tax legislation, and financial management. Businesses can have access to this expertise by outsourcing to Tushaus & Associates without having to invest in costly in-house staff or training. 

2. Savings: Outsourcing accounting services can be a less expensive option than hiring full-time accounting professionals. Tushaus & Associates provide variable pricing and bespoke service packages that can be fitted to a business’s budget and demands. 

 3. Saving Time: Handling accounting and financial processes can be time-consuming and detract from a company’s essential activities. Businesses can free up time to focus on building their business and supporting their customers by outsourcing to Tushaus & Associates. 

 4. Accuracy And Efficiency: Tushaus & Associates use cutting-edge accounting tools and technologies to expedite procedures, minimize errors, and increase accuracy. This can assist businesses in avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring that their financial data is current and dependable. 

 5. Strategic Guidance: Tushaus & Associates provide CFO advisory services to assist businesses to make informed financial decisions, manage risk, and achieve their objectives. This can provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations, allowing organizations to expand and flourish in the long run. 

Overall, outsourcing accounting services to Tushaus & Associates can assist businesses to enhance their financial management processes, decreasing expenses, saving time, and making better-informed financial decisions.


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